Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for so many things in my life, so many experiences He's brought me out of and so many things that He continues to deliver me from...His grace is so amazing and sufficient, it baffles my simple mind sometimes. But just a few things that come to mind this evening...

~ I am thankful for family.
Even if they can be dysfunctional at times and just as imperfect as I am,
God saw fit to bless me with them and maybe I can be
a blessing to them as well.

~I am thankful for the newness of each day.
Especially the hope a new year brings. Hopes and dreams that I can
truly be the woman and child God calls me to be,
for my family, for my husband, for my church, and for my community.

~I am thankful that God has promised me Himself when I need Him,
which is every day, every moment. That He has promised me
an eternity to understand Him, to worship Him, to love Him, to adore Him,
and that each day I get to see, in some small way, a little piece of what those promises
hold, of what that eternity might hold.

~I am thankful for the blessings that my sisters-in-Christ are to me,
even though we may never meet this side of Heaven. I am thankful for the
lessons and encouragement they are to me, even when I feel
most awkward and even though I worry about
silly things, like what others may think as they read my heart here.

I really have too many things to list here right now without going on and on and I seem to be so good at. I gotta learn how to make things "short(er) and sweet"! If you'd like to see more thankfulness, you can follow the link:

Maybe one day I'll figure out how to make the links prettier :)


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