Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nag, nag, nag!

That's all my head has felt today: a nagging headache. I think it's probably a sinus headache, because it's primarily been behind my eyes and I can feel it in my nasal area. But it did migrate to the back of my head earlier. I haven't accomplished much at all today, and I'm kinda disappointed. I was hoping to finish getting up the leaf piles that have been in our yard since before Thanksgiving; I started yesterday and was looking forward to finishing it up today, but that didn't happen. I did manage to make the bed and help my wonderful husband put up the wooden curtain rod we bought for the living room.

Speaking of my wonderful husband, I love him. He's awesome. He's wonderful. I'm so thankful Father blessed me with such a sensitive, gentle-heart of a man. And he's incredibly handsome. He let me lay down and try to sleep some of this headache off (it hasn't hurt like this since my drinking days...) and then he cooked supper. The man can make some mean hamburger steaks! I didn't even know he knew how to make those. We had our steaks, white beans, and some cornbread we had left over from last night. And then, instead of digging in like he usually does, he offered up prayer for meal, and a prayer for me. ****Awwwwwwww**** I had to try really hard to keep from tearing up, let me tell ya. Why did this make my day? He never offers to pray. I usually have to ask him, and then feel kinda awkward because I feel like I'm pressuring him. But he just did it tonight. I've been praying for this for a while, that God would put a desire to lead more in his heart, and maybe He's answering that prayer now. In His time. Well, whatever the reason, I am so thankful. God is so good!!
I don't know what I could have ever done to deserve the love I have, from my husband, and my Savior. Thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You.

And now I have a question. At Christmas, my uncle gave me a branch(?), or a cutting, a piece of a plant my grandmother has in her kitchen. The only thing is, I have no clue what it is! It's been in a glass of water in my kitchen and yesterday I put it into an old herb pot I have with some topsoil. Do you think this thing will live? All I know about it is that it's supposed to have orange blooms?

Also, how much room does a worm need? As I was raking up leaves yesterday, I found several of those little guys squirming around under the wet leaves. So I thought, "Maybe one or two will help my little plant-thingy". So, I have two living in my herb pot now. Do you think they'll be okay? Okay, I think that'll do it for this post. I hope everyone had a beautiful Saturday, and may you all have a blessed Sunday!!


  1. What a sweet husband! :) As for the plant, you're asking the wrong person. I try my paw with flowers sometimes, but I'd rather grow cactus. However, to my inexperienced eye, it appears to be maybe a succulent? Or that may be just the lighting in the photograph. As for worms, two in your herb pot should be just fine, I can't imagine they wouldn't be. I love wiggly crawly slimy wormies, don't you? :D

    I'm sorry I hadn't gotten over here sooner, I'm still battling that sinus infection. I think I know what you're talking about with links. Links are real easy, almost too easy -- use the link button when you're making a post. In the Compose mode, it's the sixth widget over, in Edit HTML it's the third. It's the little green thing with eyes, that's the only way I can describe it. What you do, you highlight whatever word you want to use to be a link, and then click the Link button. Put your URL into the space for it. Usually it works to just use the 'html' setting, but sometimes it goes wacky and messes things up, so be sure to check on it before/after you publish. Is that what you were wondering about?

    Let me also explain, I'm just the kind of person that likes to explore and play around with things, and I've been on Blogger a little longer, so most of this stuff I've just discovered from trial and error. Don't feel bad that you don't know it -- and trust me, you being a wife and homemaker, there's tons of things you probably could teach me! I hope I can be helpful, and if I get to rambling at the mouth just nudge me and I'll shut up. ;)

  2. Rebekah, I am so glad that God has allowed us to "meet" here. I feel like we're both kind of on the same brainwave from your posts and responses, if that makes sense? I think I'm going to enjoy, um, typing with you :) I hope you feel better soon, I know how icky that can make you feel. Thanks for your help! And I actually took a picture of one of my little squirmy friends for a later post :) I'll have to share him soon. I hope you have a wonderful week! Many hugs!!

  3. Hi there! I came here in a roundabout fashion. Anyway, that plant looks like some sort of what we call "leaf of life" here in Jamaica. It looks great to me... see those tiny leaves closer to the stem? Good sign. You might lose some of the larger leaves, but it should pick up soon.

    I hope that makes sense to you because I'm flat out tired. I'm off... but I'll be back. ;)

  4. Hello Ruth!! I'm very happy to have you :) Thank you so much for the information about the little green one :) I think I will probably lost the bigger leaves like you said, they're starting to look kind of brown and ragged, but I haven't given up on the little guy yet.