Monday, July 13, 2009

Still Kicking!

I'm still alive, though I'm sure it appears that I have kicked the bucket in the blog world. I'm not really that regular of a poster here anyway, but realize that it is very impolite to go a whole month or so without so much as a peep, and in the middle of a testimony, no less!! So, while this is not a continuance of my (His) story, I did want to share a little bit with you of what has been going on around here in the past few weeks.

There have been a couple of weddings in the church that we have been able to witness as Jamie ran the soundboard. They were very lovely and we wish the couples nothing but joy and love for many years to come. This weekend we will attend another wedding, however this one will be especially special because my cousin is the bride! She asked me and I am honored to be able to sing during the ceremony; she requested Butterfly Kisses, so I may need extra prayer to make it though without breaking down :) I have been practicing it at home and have almost mastered imagining her and my uncle without tearing up.

On the garden side of things, everything is green! I love this part of summer, things are so full of life and it seems to happen so quickly that it almost takes me by surprise! I had beans, but not enough at one time to can. They have all but disappeared under the squash now. The okra is starting to come in and we have enjoyed an evening of fried okra. I really enjoy eating it raw as well which is something I had never tried before. We also now have lots of plum jam to enjoy on toast in the morning! My first canning project turned out to be quite yummy. It looks like my next project will be tomatoes, as our Roma and Brandywine plants are becoming weighed down with lots of green beauties. I may not have much to put up this year, but I sure am learning some great lessons, LOL.

My feathered babies are about to experience so major adjusments! Just yesterday I was let in on a major gift that was going to bless somebody greatly! A while back my DH let me purchase what I have been calling our chicken "condo". Compared to the little shack I rigged up with the spare materials and few new pieces we had around here, this is going to feel like a 5-star luxury! At least, it had better... *stern look in the general direction of said feathered babies*...the new accomadations count as sort of a birthday/anniversary deal, lol. This was back in May. So, ever since then, after adding a coat or two of protective paint, the poor chicken condo has been sitting empty; I haven't been able to purchase the fencing materials needed to enclose the area because they are just too expensive at this time. However, I knew something would have to be done soon because the scrap luann paneling I used to build the "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" of a chicken house is starting to come apart. Yesterday at church I learned about a brother there who was looking to drastically down-size. He wants to get rid of ALL his chickens, housing, materials, feed. PRAISE GOD!!! That's all I can say!!

So, hopefully in a few days, we will be relocating 13 birds and their housing. God does care about the desires of His children.

Well, I think that's about all I have for now. Oh, and maybe a few pictures :)

The chicken coop as it stands now, before moving it here