Tuesday, December 23, 2008


How cool is this? A signature for blogs! I've been to some wonderful blogs, many of them are in my sidebar on the right, and they've got wonderful ways that they close their blogs, and they all are so warm and genuine and just seem to fit them. I hate to just leave it blank because these blogs are supposed to be like a conversation, right? You don't talk to someone and then just hang up on them or turn around and walk off...at least not the ones you enjoy talking to, lol. Kidding!! I will admit I've had the urge before but I've never actually been that rude. But I feel funny "signing off"...cheesy even. I'm weird. So I was just tickled pink when I saw this on another blog! How cute :) And it even sorta kinda (when I'm feeling really good and I have an awesome pen) looks like my handwriting, hehehe. Feel free to grab one for yourself!

My new shiny signature :)...


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