Friday, December 19, 2008

My first post, my "mission statement"

I chose "forever student" as the title of my blog for obvious and maybe not so obvious reasons. I am always learning new things and generally love these lessons. I also seem to be literally a perpetual student. Right now I am working on a certification for medical transcription that has the mind-blowing progress of a herd of turtles. Before this I was in nursing school for about 6 months when the money ran out. Before that I was enrolled at a community college for "general studies", I had wanted to be a teacher but that got derailed along the way. Before that was high school. Sometimes I don't feel like I've accomplished much in these 26 years. But I still have many many more to go, if the Good Lord is willing. But should He take me home tomorrow, I'll be okay with that too ;)

The reason I am starting this blog, apart from the inspiration of many of my sisters-in-Christ, is to help keep myself accountable and to get away from another "online networking community". I have a "space" that is "my" own already, but it really isn't mine. It's basically become a billboard for things and people I do not feel comfortable seeing as a woman who disdains immodesty and blatant advertising of all things sexually immoral. So, I am creating a space that is truly mine, where I can edit what I want and what I do not want on it. And a place to share my heart and thoughts from time to time. Even if it is just for myself to see. And pictures! I love pictures :)

So, my little blog spot may not be exciting, it probably won't ever be flashy or cool as the ones I love visiting, but I'll share with you the ones I do enjoy. They do my heart much good, and I always seem to be learning things from them. And isn't that part of the journey? :)


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I happened to stumble across your blog, and I'm glad I did. God bless you in your efforts to be a good and Godly wife to your husband! :)

  2. Thank you Rebekah! I really appreciate it :) May you be blessed as well!!

  3. Welcome to blog-land! I look forward to visiting your page. I love your beautiful.


    P.S. Thanks for following my blog. I feel honored. *big smile*

  4. Thank you Heart! And yes, I have been "following" you for some time now, lol. You and Mrs. B are really a great encouragement to me :)

  5. Welcome to blogland ... I look forward to visiting you, regularlly (I've added you to my stalking- hmm, I mean following list).

    Also thank you for such an uplifting and edifying compliment in your response to H4MH.

    Mrs. B