Saturday, March 28, 2009

Regarding the last post's comments...

I really didn't want to leave a humongous comment in my last post, but I did want to continue the subjects covered in the comments section. (Off topic, but that's probably the biggest gripe I have with communicating via blogs and over the internet in general versus in-person or phone conversations...the gap between responses and not really being able to express myself as well as in person.) Where I live in beautiful Tennessee, our frost-free date is around the middle of April, so I am waiting on getting my hands really dirty in the yard...however our lawn could definitely use a trimming if and when the rains pass long enough to let the grass dry some :) Not complaining, mind you...we're actually in a rain deficit according to the "all knowing" weather people.

My mother-in-law and I went to visit a delightful woman yesterday who starts and sells garden veggies to plant where I bought a few marigolds and a zinnia along with 6 okra plants and a few lettuce plants, all for $4.00. I think I will probably be buying a few more plants from her later in April, and she said something that makes alot of sense to me now and probably explains why my little green ones aren't doing so great. She said that while she's never used a "grow lamp" that a good reason my cukes are falling over is because it isn't natural light and being in a closet they aren't getting as strong as they would being out in the "real world" :) So, I'm already cooking up ideas for next spring and trying to save the ones I can from this year.

My corn isn't going to make it, I'm afraid. I potted (yes, potted) 4 corn plants, and those are still looking okay, but the others I had inside are looking sickly. I also potted 3 cukes, one of those is still growing with it's "real leaves" coming in, so there's some hope for those.

Rebekah, I wish I had a better answer for your comment. But, alas, the rumbly in my tumbly was just for some munchies. I'm still praying for a little one, still hoping. And you better believe it'll be posted here when it happens!

Mrs. B, I am SO glad you mentioned fertilizer! I hadn't even thought about adding it in, but I will certainly be buying some to put in my beds now.

I took a trip to Wally-world recently and saw a few lovelies I hope to buy soon...they are selling blueberry and blackberry and raspberry bushes this year! I've never seen them selling these before, but that could just be me. For $10.00 a bush, for a plant that could live for years (as long as I don't kill it) that sounded like a pretty good investment to me. And!!! (oh I was so giddy about this!!) I wish I had taken a picture yesterday...on our little trip out yesterday the MIL and I also went by a local hardware store owned by some Mennonites (I think...) and wanted to see what they might have put out in their greenhouse and as we pulled into the parking lot I saw they had what I will be calling my "very early birthday/anniversary gift". It appears that a local man has started building chicken houses! For $359.00, plus tax, I can get a house that would accommodate 8 regular sized chickens, or 12 bantams, with 3 nest boxes on one side, a skylight for ample light, and one side lets completely down for easy cleaning. It is up off the ground probably 1-2 ft. I took DH by yesterday when he got home to see what he thinks about it, and I am fairly confident that once we get our tax refund in that I can put in my order for one; it takes about a week to build.

And speaking of chickens, today is Chick Day at my favorite hardware/feed store. They started getting in chicks, ducklings and goslings in late this week and I admit to making a trip solely to see them *sheepish grin*. They are precious. I was going to get just chicks, a little further down the road, but after seeing my MIL's reaction to the little ducklings, I may have to order a couple just for her :) I'm so excited, I can't even express it. This is going to be a beautiful spring.


  1. OH! Yes! Mrs. Hester, planning for gardens, chicks and spring is so much fun. I have a post on my blog about raising chicks. ( Of course if you guys don't have an old rabbit cage to use like us, you can always substitute a kiddie swimming pool, large cardboard box, large plastic tote ...I even new a lady who used the bathtub in her spare bathroom! Most important things about chicks: heat lamp & a constant supply of clean water and feed.

    I've seen the type of hen house you are referring to AND I think they are fabulous.

    If I ever move and have to begin over with my gardening and chickens, there is one thing I would certainly do differently. My garden would be incorporated into my coop. I'd place gates on opposite sides of my hen house so one year my garden would be on side "A" - the side the chickens had been scratching and fertilizing the previous year. While my garden is growing in the spring and summer, I'd keep my chickens on side "B". Then the next planting season, side "B" would become my garden area and side "A" would be the coop area. Why?

    1. The free fertilizer will have been easily and evenly applied by the chickens.
    2. Chickens scratch for insects AND insect eggs. They are a natural form of pest control.
    3. When I get ready to put the garden in, all the grass and weeds will have been removed by the chickens, via scratching and pecking.

    I wish you a very abundant harvest this year!

    Mrs. B

  2. I'm so jealous that you get to have chickies... I love caring for the chickens at the Manes and Tails farm, but we just don't live on any kind of property that would accomodate chickens...and I don't think our neighbors would like it!! :) I hope your plants grow well for you, it's always so nice to have fresh home-grown veggies and flowers around!! :)

  3. Oh wow, I sure wish we could have some chickens. Hubby says not this year, so maybe next year we can.

    I sure hope you can salvage your cukes. Nothing is more disappointing than seeing your hard work die off before planting time. I had that with a few of my tomato seedlings this year, but thankfully we still had plenty to plant.

  4. May God bless you with a green thumb, lol