Friday, March 6, 2009

I know, I know

Less than an hour after saying I wasn't going to post alot, here I am again. But I'm telling ya, this really really burns me up!! Check this out, it's news to me:

"Sarah Palin’s true colors have been showing a lot lately. Her support for the dangerous Law of the Sea Treaty, her outrageous, Planned Parenthood-inspired statement that people need to get over the “ideal of abstinence. Life happens” in her interview with a Fox reporter a few weeks ago, and now, her ignoring the pleas of Christian pro-lifers not to place a former Planned Parenthood Board member on the Alaska Supreme Court. It’s time “conservatives” wrapped their minds around the fact that this woman is not the future hope of the Republican party. Not even close."

From the Slice of Laodicea site.

EXCUSE ME!? And our churches were backing this woman!! Our preacher and fellow congregants proudly displaying this "pro-life feminist's" name on their bumpers and in their yards, going on and on about what a wonderful Christian this woman was. And she says this??! I never was a supporter of her, however awesome her hair was (and it was awesome), for the sheer fact that a woman in an office of that high ranking would be unlikely to really be free to be truly submissive to her husband at all times. And the fact that I don't believe women ought to have to work outside the home and the whole "First Dude" thing. I mean, come on! Ugh. Okay. Rant over. For now.


  1. Whew -- I had no idea of all that!

    And, by the way, I was trying to leave you a comment yesterday, and for some odd reason Blogger wasn't letting me. That's Blogger for ya. Anyway, I'm glad I could finally leave a comment on your blog! :)

  2. In days past a person's personal life was considered to be a reflection of how he/she would conduct themselves in business, politics, community service, etc. There was a time in history when American citizens would never consider electing a representative to ANY government post if his PERSONAL life contained any sort of questionable goings on ... be it financial mismanagement, family scandle, unethical business dealings, etc.

    American citizens have bought one of the biggest lies our politicians could have ever sold us, "Our (the politician's) personal lives are PERSONAL. Personal means that it is not the public's business and should have no forebearing on our capibilities to perform our duties in public office". Well, if the politician is the sort of person who will steal from the tax coffers via tax evastion, then he/she IS the sort of person who will accept bribes from big business and lobbiests. If he/she is the sort of person who will be unfaithful to his/her spouse, then he/she IS the sort of person who will be unfaithful in his/her duties as a government representative. If he/she has associates with "questionable" reputations, then he/she IS the sort of person who will align our nation with those intent on bringing harm and/or destruction to it.

    The most appauling thing about all this is that today's mainstream Christian churches have thrown the Bible out the back door and have stopped holding each other AND government representatives accountable to the WORD OF GOD. Within our governing halls, Christians, along with the rest of the nation, have sown seeds of deceit, scandal, unethical business practices, assiciations with known terrorists, etc. ... We are fools if we expect a harvest of sweet golden corn when jalapeno peppers were the only seeds that were sown.

    Mrs. B