Sunday, March 1, 2009

I's not fat, I's just fluffy!

However, I have become so fluffy that I can no longer dry what few pants that fit me in the dryer because it "shrinks" them. It appears denim is not so forgiving of my fluffiness ;) I have been "trying" to lose weight for a little while now, but honestly haven't been giving it as much effort as it needs to actually work (in other words, I eat too much and not the right things) I have come to the realization that no matter how much I talk about it or wish for it or loathe myself in the mirror, it isn't going to change a thing if I don't change a thing. So, you can imagine my relief when my husband came home from the doctor the other day with orders to try and lose weight, for real, unless he wants to be on medication for the rest of his life; he's 28 now and taking 3 different cholesterol meds. Then he tells me that he might try the South Beach diet, so I went to the library and borrowed the book about it, complete with recipes. And I have to say, I'm pretty excited! The recipes look delicious and it's food that we (for the most part) really enjoy. Phase One includes food such as cheese and proteins and veggies, no sugars or breads or starches like 'taters and corn. And this is the strictest phase! Now DH isn't much for vegetables, so it's going to be quite a transition for him, but I have faith he can do it. Today was our first day and he's already eaten more lettuce than I've seen him eat the whole time we've been together! I'm so proud of him :) He's so tired of taking pills.

Like I said, today is our first day, and I won't be able to prepare all the recipes right away because we just can't afford it, but I've got a couple different ones for each meal of the day and I'll go back and forth and maybe next time I go to the store we can try something new. Breakfast was a 2-egg omelet with canadian bacon and just a sprinkling of fat-free cheddar cheese and a small glass of tomato juice. Lunch was grilled chicken breast on a bed of romaine lettuce with homemade balsamic vinaigrette with sugar-free jello pudding, and dinner was baked rosemary salmon with tossed salad and vanilla ricotta creme for dessert. It was delicious! I'll have to share the recipes sometime :)

So, first phase is two weeks, minimum, and supposedly this is when you lose the most weight. I think I'm mostly looking forward to feeling, well, not so fat. So, I'm clearing off my weight loss ticker that hasn't budged in a good 2 weeks, and start over. I'm starting with 150.5 lbs. Granted, it was after dinner, but...150 lbs! Looking forward to changing that. Soon.


  1. Praying for you and your hubby to be successful at your weight loss.

  2. Thank you so much, Mrs. Denise. I know we will both feel better on the inside it we can stick with it. We need to take better care of this body we've been given anyway :)

  3. South Beach is a wonderful diet! Hubby & I tried it summer of '07 and we lost really well. I like the fact that is works and your not starving to loose.

    Praying for both your successes at it.

  4. We used the south beach diet and it really works. Pray that it helps you all!!

    In HIS Keeping,

  5. Good for you for working on losing weight! It's sure not easy, on any diet. The main problem for our family has been staying with the weight-loss commitment after the diet program ends. That's the tough part -- not putting back on the weight that you took off!

    Sorry I haven't been by in awhile -- love the new look! :)

  6. I have visited your site a few times in the past few months. I have been on here lately. I wish you the best with your weight loss. The South Beach Diet is the only diet that has ever been successful for me. I am about to start it again because I have much needed baby weight to loose. I have always loved sweets and that was hard for me too. I only had one sweet treat a day and it was a fudgecicle with no added sugar. This was on Phase One. I thought I would suggest that to might help the craving!! Good Luck!