Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just to pass the time

I don't have the desire to make a huge, or even a deeply thoughtful post right now. But one is coming...I can feel it a-brewin'. But I did find something that I thought was "cute" and doesn't take alot of time to do. And I just like Winnie The Pooh. Especially the "classic" Pooh :) Hope it brings a smile to your face, it sure did to mine.

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!


  1. I can definitely see you as a Kanga, Mrs. B :)

  2. This was fun, I am winnie the pooh.

  3. That is too cute!

    Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. You don't know how much that means to me.

  4. My mom and I are both Pooh-Bears, but I'm not surprised you're a Kanga. It fits. :)

  5. Mrs. B - Oh, you're fine! I was talking about comments I get from people in real life, where I can judge more tone and inflection and stuff like that. I really try not to judge people's comments on my blog. I have had quite a few people mention that I "might not want to stop at three" on my blog - I just know they haven't read for very long!

    I am thankful for the break - and tickled to have a little girl. It grows on me, certainly! Strangely enough, now I really REALLY want another girl. So next pregnancy, for the first time I'm hoping for a certain gender (!) so that then, I have no worries. I want Eden to have a sister (which I didn't) SO BAD!

    Then, my sons will have each other and once my girl has a sister everyone else will be "bonuses" haha! ;)

    Anyway, really, it was not any comment you might have left that led to my post. Even my dad is acting like Eden is "more special". My mom is finally buying baby stuff for the first time ... it's just weird how the people in my life react to her.

    I hope you are having a decent weekend, we're all sick at my house so thus I'm leaving a monster comment on your blog instead of being in church!

    God bless!!!

  6. Oh dear! Oh dear! I took the quiz. I'm OWL!!!

    "Always full of stories and facts (true!) you love to talk about your experiences (too true!). You don't always have the right information and you tend to talk too much."

    Ack! It nailed me!



  7. Ashley! lol, too funny :) And don't feel bad, I didn't make it to church either. My throat is terribly sore and I'm just icky. Alot of people have been sick lately and I didn't want to take any chances of catching or spreading something. I can't even give my honey kisses :( I don't know if it helps with your quiz, but I am a very bossy Kanga sometimes...guess it's that big sister in me ;)

    I'm so glad everyone is having fun with this! Thanks for participating!!