Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Just a few false teachers, wolves in sheep's clothing, who have infected Christianity...


“People tell me judge not lest ye be judged. I always tell them, twist not scripture lest ye be like satan.”
–Paul Washer


  1. Very enlightening for the many who may be decieved by these tele-evangelists. I personally have never been drawn to these programs / speakers. In stead I am one of those Christians pastors do not like because I have a strong tendancy to disect sermons with the Word of God.

    We must follow Jesus - not men. How do we guard ourselves from false teachings? STUDY the Word of God. LEARN the Word of God. Do not take preachers at face value - they are human, they will and do make mistakes, some are FALSE teachers and prophets.

    The BIBLE will show us the way to Jesus and the way to our reward in heaven.


  2. AMEN, Mrs. B! I am very skeptical of t.v preachers, ESPECIALLY the "super-star" evangelists. And it deeply disturbs me how readily available many of the resources provided by these "teachers" are...mostly in Christian bookstores. I have a couple of evangelists (other than our pastor here in town) that I like to hear, but mostly because they are usually convicting me!

  3. Good quote -- I'll have to remember that one. When I get a chance I'll take a look at the video. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing sweetie.

  5. Thanks for sharing this video. I always thought that television evangelist were only interested in making money. However, it's scary to think that some people actually believe in what they say.

    BTW, I sent you two emails. I sent a second one to give you my new email address because the old one was NOT working, ugh! Email is a pain, just like this fake pastors!

    Chat with you soon!

  6. I picked up on your blog from Gen. Cedar. I liked this post and I agree that we need to be aware of wolves in sheep's clothing. So many are deceived and it is so easy to be, you can watch one program and not hear anything opposing the Word but then everything that is said is so candy coated and said with such conviction that you may not realize what you have just heard. Older people and people that do not regularly read their Bible (which is most) are the ones that fall prey, typically. But, we all need to be vigilant and listen to perhaps family and friends that have picked up on this false doctrine and not be afraid to lovingly correct them. Hard, I know, without debating but necessary so that the ones we love can remember to question things that should be red flags.

    Also, I was so excited when I saw that you got that swing from the Mennonites at Cedar Creek because that would be close to me...if it were in Texas. I just saw that you are in Tennessee :( Oh, well I guess blog land you will have to stay;)

  7. Our family loves Paul Washer. This is a great post!!