Tuesday, May 26, 2009


GOD is good!!

I realize I haven't been around lately, my bloggy-commitment skills are lacking obviously. I want to apologize for any kind of concern I have caused, but I honestly haven't had the desire to post anything really, save the couple of snippets of information I thought were urgent. But right now I have some wonderful news to report and I just have to share the praises of God!

About a month ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The majority of it, I believe, was of the less aggressive type but he had a few cells of what was referred to as the "devil cells". They are the most aggressive and most deadly. He was presented with a couple of options as far as treatment goes, he opted for surgery. Tuesday morning he was admitted into Centennial hospital in Nashville, underwent the procedure (his surgeon was at the top of the list in this area), and by the time DH and I arrived at the hospital (about 12:30-ish) he was in his room resting well. His spirits are high (they are rarely ever down). They are confident all the cancer cells were removed but took a lymph node biopsy to test and be sure.

I am beginning to realize how temporary this world is. Our lives are so short, like dust in the wind, like a moment to our Lord. As a human, I understand this. Death is just another part of the eternal journey we are on. And yet I still dread the day coming for any member of my family. The sorrow of knowing that this person who has been such a constant, almost taken for granted at times, will one day be no more in this plane of existence. I can't even begin to process this, so it gets pushed in the back of my mind until something like this happens. Then it becomes somewhat raw. Reality, if you will :)

BUT TODAY IS NOT A DAY TO BE THINKING ABOUT DEATH!! Papaw is a hard man to keep down!! He is one of 11 children. He has 6 sons of his own, one daughter in Heaven, twenty grandchildren (I think...I lost count!) and 4 great-grandchildren. He is an entrepreneur, and has been as far as I know, his entire adult life. He, with the help of his sons, built a home from the ground up. He farms. He still works every day, even into his seventies. He has had a quadruple heart bypass. People that work or have worked for him call him Pops. And his wife, my Mamaw, is Mom. There are families out there who consider them their own. How great a legacy to leave! How can you ask for a more blessed life? What beautiful people they are. No person is perfect. We all have our blemishes. But Papaw is a gem of a man, and to be admired by many says something about character. I confess that I have even had to fight back feelings of jealousy sometimes! How can you not love this man?

P.S. I wanted so badly to add some pictures of my Papaw with this post, but for whatever reason blogger refuses to load them. So I am going to skip that part before I destroy this laptop.


  1. Praise GOD for your Grandfather! Keeping him covered in prayer for a full and quick recovery.

    ~Warm Cozy Blessings

  2. Well amen to that my friend. Very good news. Death loses it's sting as soon as one accepts Christ as their Savior. Unfortunately I have way to many relatives who don't know Jesus. That saddens me.

  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely thoughts about your papaw. I will pray for a quick recovery.


  4. Such a sweet tribute to your Papaw, keeping him in my prayers.

  5. *sniffle* I praise the Lord with you that your Papaw is doing better...and I mourn for my own grandfather, who is getting worse with dementia.