Friday, January 8, 2010

Love My Furbabies

this past summer, my husband and I had discussed getting a cat to make sure the mice didn't become a problem with the feed in the shed. We had decided that we would have just one, a male if at all possible, and that he would be an "outside" pet. So, I kept my ears open for mouser opportunities to present themselves. So, along comes August. My husband calls me one day and tells me he has found a kitten. It is at his mother's office (she is the office manager for a local hospice service) and was I interested? Well, of course I said yes, so he says he will let her know and she can bring it by the house on her way home from work. I happened to be out at the time she arrived, so she and my husband were on the front porch waiting for me with a rather odd look on their faces. Comes to find out, the one kitten in the box the nurse gave her (a nurse took the original 3 kittens from a patient who couldn't care for them any longer and saved them from further games of "toss the kitty" from some mean little boys) turned out to be 2-a boy and a girl. They couldn't have been more than 4 weeks old, they were so small. So, MIL offered to take one back the next morning if we wanted. God gave my husband a kind heart and so we decided to keep them both at least until they were older and bigger, we just couldn't' bear to split them up after that! The rest is history, as they say :)

I would like you to meet Silvio and his sister, Sissy. No, there is not great meaning behind their names. Silvio, when we first received him, had lots of crazy white hairs that gave him a silvery look from a distance. And Sissy, well, she meowed. Alot. She still does, but not to the extent that she once did. So, she's our little sissy crybaby, lol. Yeah, I'm not known for my profound maturity ;) Enjoy!

September. They have grown some, their eyes have turned from blue to green, and they have made themselves quite at home.

October. They were finally getting a taste of the outdoor life. They have indeed grown into their ears and eyes, I think :) However, Silvio has lost all but a few of the white hairs that gave him his silvery sheen. Ah well, he is still a charming fellow.

Apparently, I didn't take any of them in November, but by December they had grown to be just a bit bigger than poor Gunner. He takes it all in stride, though now they can give back to him as much as he gives them ;)

January 2010...their first encounter with snow


  1. Oh!! What darlings!! The kitten photos are absolutely ADORABLE -- aren't kittens as cute as it gets!! -- and the older kitty photos show some handsome kitties. You got yourself some gorgeous little cats there. I've always had a major soft spot for cats, and those two are soooooo cute. It must've been fun having not one but TWO kittens running around! Surely makes me miss when Skeeter was a baby. Enjoy your kitties, and thanks for sharing them!! :)

  2. Love your little kittens!!!

  3. Amy,

    I love your kitties! We have three female kitties of different breeds, but they are indoor only kitties. I love cats, so my husband said I am allowd to get on more cat this spring but after that,the "cat collection" must come to an end, ha!

    ~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

  4. I randomly found your blog by clicking next blog & just wanted to say your furbabies are sooo cute!

  5. Your kittens are growing into beautiful cats. I pray they will be good mousers for you guys.

    P.S. Glad you've found a little bit of time to post over here in blog land. I've missed your posts.