Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring is here!!

Yes!!! Finally! I know it's been spring for a few weeks now, if you follow the calendar. But, if you follow the plants and warmth, I think maybe the rest of the countryside has finally caught up to the dates ;) And I am so glad!! It gives my heart such a warmth to see everything green and blooming again. The new life outside our home just magnifies the joy I feel with the new life growing within me! Words simply cannot express how utterly amazed and blessed I feel, it feels as if my heart would explode just trying to put it into words!! We went back to the midwife and had an ultrasound last Friday, April 8th, and learned that God has blessed us with a little boy! Yay!! We would have been overjoyed no matter what the Lord decided to give us, but my husband did breathe a sigh of relief when we found out. We have some generous friends that also have little boys, but have outgrown many baby items and have blessed us with those items. So now we have lots of clothes and blankets just awaiting a sweet little bundle of boy to be in them :)

I also got to experience a new feeling this morning. I was laying in bed after I woke up, and it's become a routine for me to simply lay there for a little while and rest my hands on my stomach about the area that our baby might be. I have been feeling little movements from time to time, from what I believe to be the baby. Well, he must be getting stronger and stronger every day, because this morning I was actually able to feel him moving around under my hands! Oh what a feeling!! And, we have decided on a name for our sweet little guy: Maddox Dale :) OH, we can hardly wait to meet him!! Here are a couple shots of our sweet little guy:

Can you see him looking at us?? ;)

I ask, if anyone should read this and feel so inclined, to say a little prayer for my nephew Micheal. He underwent an operation this morning to correct a mild case of hypospadias. The surgery went well and he is recovering now at Vanderbilt. I know it's hard for his momma to see him in such a helpless state, but once he is all healed up he won't remember a thing, and for that I know we are all thankful. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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  1. Nothing can describe those baby feelings, I miss them so much, So happy for you!!!

    In HIS Keeping,